Zamler-Carhart /Rauh /Greenberg

Sasha Zamler-Carhart (voice), Charlie Rauh (guitar), Jesse Greenberg (glockenspiel)

A voice/guitar/glockenspiel trio dedicated to composing music in real time on poetry, founded in 2015 in New York. The trio has a special bond with medieval poetry— from Byzantine kontakia to the Occitan troubadours—always sung in its original language. It is renowned for its expert grasp of meter, prosody and phonetics and its ability to communicate poetic devices to modern audiences in a fresh and engaging way. It has earned particular recognition as a specialist of the troubadour repertoire and was featured twice on the Festival “Les Troubadours chantent l’art Roman” in the South of France. It has performed extensively at home and in Europe, in venues ranging from Manhattan contemporary classical music hotspots to gothic abbeys in the French countryside to Belgian underground clubs. The trio also has a special relationship with contemporary experimental poetry, and occasionally collaborates with living poets, such as with award-winning Polish author Zenon Fajfer. 

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The Ascoli Ensemble

dir. Sasha Zamler-Carhart

A vocal ensemble specialized in rare medieval music. It gained international fame in 2009 for its reconstruction and world premiere of the 14th-century Ascoli Piceno fragments. The ensemble was ensemble-in-residence at MIT in 2011 and University of Heidelberg in 2016. Its first CD "I Frammenti Ascolani" was released in 2010. Its second CD "Veneto 1440" was released in 2014, commissioned by the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

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New Opera and Song Cycles

The Captives / I Screwed Up The Future

Jason Cady

Two operas by New York-based composer Jason Cady. "The Captives": John (Sasha) is in a breeding program run by aliens, pleading with Sarah (Katie Eastburn) to preserve humanity. "I Screwed Up The Future": Rusty (Sasha ) travels back to the 90s to prevent Y2K with Cassandra (Katie Eastburn).

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Vocal Improv Projects