Zamler-Carhart /Rauh /Greenberg

Sasha Kaoru Zamler-Carhart (voice), Charlie Rauh (guitar), Jesse Greenberg (glockenspiel)

Zamler-Carhart Rauh Greenberg is a New York-based chamber music improv trio (voice, guitar, glockenspiel) dedicated to setting poetry to music. The trio was founded by three composers in 2015 and has performed in various countries, always composing its music in real time. The band works from medieval and modern poetic texts, in their original language, and transform the acoustic profile of each poem into musical material, working in a style somewhere between declamatory poetry and experimental contemporary jazz. The trio is known for its expert grasp of meters, prosody and phonetics and its ability to communicate poetic devices to modern audiences in an intuitive way. Muhal Richard Abrams once described their sound as “delicious”.

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